Where Can I Pick Up Women?

Dear Woman, 

Where do I go to pick up quality women? I’m done with the bar scene, I’ve done that for too long. I’m not into the apps, it’s all the same people and everyone just wants to hook up or play the field. I want some suggestions where I can meet a woman who is relationship material. I know that’s a broad question and of course I already considered, for example, books clubs and yoga classes. Covid is making it even more challenging. I’m out of ideas.


Lost and Lonely 

Dear L&L,

I hear that there’s a farm somewhere around here where they give you a big basket and for like $12 you can go and pick women right off of the trees! There’s all different varieties, shapes and colors and they’re all fresh and organic! Great for pies & ciders. Oops, nope. I’m thinking of apple picking. 

That silly joke was brought to you by my intense want for you to stop using the term “pick up women”. Unless you’re a swing dancer or a firefighter rescuing women who have fainted from smoke inhalation, you’re not picking up anyone. Instead, it sounds like you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting and coupling with a compatible woman and you should mentally frame it as such. If you go into this as if it’s some sort of competitive game that you have to conquer, you’re going to scare people off. 

In order to open yourself up to meeting someone and project the type of energy you need to meet a “quality” person, you have to start by changing the way you view women. We are not something to be caught, snagged or picked up. We are not categorized into low or high quality grades. We’re not beef.

People often say they met someone when they stopped looking. So, maybe put your quest for a mate on the back burner and instead concentrate on new activities that promote personal growth. Take some classes, start a new healthy hobby. Hunker down and actually read all the classics you pretend you’ve read. But don’t join a book club or a yoga class if that doesn’t interest you and your only objective is to meet women. That’s creepy. Work on making yourself a whole, grounded, interesting person and woman will notice that and in turn, you. They might even try to pick you up, but don’t be alarmed, just stay very ridgid until it’s over. 

If that advice doesn’t work, I hear that there’s this place where women line the shelves and you can literally pick the ones you like and take them home as long as you promise to return them in two weeks. Nope, my bad. I was thinking of a library this time. 


A Woman 

(c) 2022 Eugenia Borkowski, Ask A Woman